December 15th, 2006

oh yeah.

something kinda funny

Remember those days when the only icons I made were from Alias? Well, let's relive that moment for about a second because I made a gazillion of them!xD Yes yes, no House icons in this post. I forbid myself to make any knowing if I started on one, I won't stop. lolz. No worries though. The next update will contain some goodies. I just felt the need to do this first.

Also, new fandom: BSG!! Sci-fi shows are slowly drawing me in these days and I'm devouring one series at a time. Expect more on the next post for the others. =D

Btw, don't think I'll get some holiday icons done. I just don't feel the Christmas spirit for some reason. Who knows.. I could instantly change my mind?

{50} - Alias
{20} - Battlestar Galactica
{8} - Addison's Anatomy/Kate Walsh
{8} - Misc. Celebs
{1} - Multi-fandom Moodtheme

rules// credit to intodelirium or krycons ; do not edit ; do not steal ; comment if you're taking something or for feedback ; noms are much appreciated but plz inform me ; TEXTLESS ICONS ARE NOT BASES!


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